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Opportunities for Hope is a private, non-profit organization that provides shelter to Massachusetts families and children in urgent need of assistance.  At our two shelters we strive to meet the needs of our housing insecure families and assist with integrating them into our community.


Opportunities for Hope was previously known as Our Father's House, founded in 1983, but was reorganized in 2023 with the Board member of the Fitchburg Housing Authority named as the Board members of the non-profit.  In the same year OFH was reformed and renamed to become Opportunities for Hope. 

We may have a new name, but our mission remains the same helping those in need of housing for themselves and families. 

We treat all of the families in our shelters with the dignity and respect that we would want our own families to be given.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Opportunities for Hope is a private, non-profit organization providing shelter, nutritional assistance, substance abuse, and domestic violence services and other related programs to people suffering from homelessness, people struggling with unemployment, children, veterans, and individuals who are disabled, while also emphasizing the dignity of each individual. This means that every person we serve is created equal and should be treated that way- we emphasize the dignity of the individual, and through our programs encourage and assist each client to become self-sufficient. 

A related mission is to educate the public concerning the problem of homelessness and further to advocate possible solutions as well as those related problems such as domestic violence, substance abuse and nutritional assistance.

Opportunities for Hope is working on permanent solutions to homelessness by providing a progression of emergency shelter and support when needed, transitional and permanent when possible and practical; and individual support and guidance to encourage and assist our clients in becoming self-sufficient and hopefully if the person has the ability to become gainfully employed and become an active participant of the community. 

Finding more permanent solutions to social ills requires us to work with other community providers, public agencies, individuals, and private businesses so we can offer a comprehensive set of services aimed at getting people off the street where they can be safe and then we work closely with them and service providers to help them become self sufficient. 

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