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Friends of OFH

Without the support our friends and sponsors the mission that Opportunities For Hope has set forth would not be possible. We thank them for their generosity and willingness to serve toward our vision. OFH on a recuring basis recognizes those groups and individuals that go above and beyond in assisting us in helping families and children in need.  Called Friends of Opportunities for Hope their assistance is deemed critical and ensures we can fulfill our mission beyond what is expected.  



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Maribel Cruz

Maribel Cruz who is the Director of Housing Development for the City of Fitchburg, independently connected to OFH has provided crucial advice on how OFH can connect to other local groups.

Luisa Fernandez

Luisa Fernandez who is the FItchburg Public Schools Family and Community Engagement Coordinator has provided timely assistance in connecting Fitchburg families and children to local shelter and educational opportunities,truly making the shelter a commuity asset.


Mayor Sam Squailia

As City Councilwoman Sam Squailia connected OFH to the Telecom PIoneers and forwarded to us the Supporting Diverse Older Adults grant, which OFH has been awarded. Both of those connections were made when the Mayor was still a City Councilor and they exhibit her tireless dedication to the people of Fitchburg. Thank you, Mayor Squailia

Telecom Pioneers of Leominster, MA 

Barbara Farnsworth & Bruce Broadard of Telecom Pioneers. Thank You!

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