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Opportunities For Hope Appreciation Ceremony "Friends of OFH"

Thank you! Alexander Vera "Chief of Staff City of Fitchburg" representing Mayor Samantha Squailia, Luisa Fernandez "Fitchburg Public Schools Family and Community Engagement Coordinator", Maribel Cruz "Director of Housing and Development" Barbara Fransworth & Bruce Braadard "Telecom Pioneers of Leominster. It is easy to overlook the impact we have on others, but the truth is your influence is far-reaching. You have all made a profound difference in the lives of those in need, touching hearts and inspiring minds in ways you might not even realize. Your kindness and compassion make a difference. Continue shining your light and making a difference in our community.

Alexander Viera Luisa Fernandez

Barbara Fransworth & Bruce Broadard

Maribel Cruz

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